Local Group Animation
Local Group Animation
Local Group galaxy cluster, computer animation. Some 50 galaxies of the central area of the Local Group are shown relative to our spiral Milky Way Galaxy, located at the centre of the circular grid. The concentric circles are 500,000 light-years apart, and lines show the positions of galaxies above (orange) or below (green) the Milky Way's galactic equator. The radial lines show the directions in the sky. The Local Group contains around 60 members and spans 10 million light-years (3.1 megaparsecs). The largest galaxies are the Milky Way, Andromeda (M31) and Triangulum (M33). Virtually all of the others are much smaller, so-called dwarf-spheroidal galaxies, although a handful are irregular, such as the Magellanic Clouds. These smaller galaxies are shown larger than actual scale, for clarity.
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Title: Local Group Animation

Category: Animations, Galaxies

Medium: 3DS Max, Photoshop

Date: 2012

Client: Personal


Local Group Milky Way animation galaxy galaxy cluster