Flight Over Titan's Lakes
Flight Over Titan's Lakes
This computer animation gives us a glimpse of one of the Solar System's largest natural satellites - Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn.
      Titan, which is 50% bigger than our own Moon, was the subject of the Huygens probe in 2005, glimpsed at the end of this clip. It is the only known moon with a substantial atmosphere (of molecular nitrogen, as on Earth), but it is far, far colder than even our Antarctica, at -180 degrees Celsius. Its surface is primarily rock and water ice - and it is the only world aside from Earth on which stable bodies of liquid have been seen. But these are not lakes of water, which freezes as hard as rock on Titan. No, Titan's seas are made of methane.
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Title: Flight Over Titan's Lakes

Category: Animations, Hardware, Solar System

Medium: 3DS Max

Date: 2016

Client: Personal


Saturn Titan animation landscape planet spacecraft surface
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