10 Cool Solar System Sights
10 Cool Solar System Sights
This short film is a compilation of ten cool things to witness in the Solar System. 1. A flight over the surface of Pluto, with Charon, its largest moon, hugging the horizon. 2. Surveying the mysterious, pinkish landscape of Neptune's moon Triton, with its nitrogen geysers. 3. A view from within the rigs of the ice giant planet, Uranus. 4. The surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus, as water plumes erupt from cracks in the ice. 5. Europa's melted icy surface 6 billion years from now, when the Sun has become a red giant. 6. Volcanoes erupting on Jupiter's innermost large moon, Io. 7. A dust storm on the Red Planet, Mars. 8. A glimpse at the nucleus of a comet, as ices sublimate from its surface. 9. A flight over innermost planet Mercury, following a geological fault called a scarp. 10. A comet ends it life diving into the Sun.

Title: 10 Cool Solar System Sights

Category: Animations, Solar System

Medium: 3DS Max, Photoshop

Date: 2020

Client: Personal


Charon Europa Io Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Pluto Solar System Sun Triton Uranus comet rings scarp surface volcano
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