Space Travel Poster - 55 Cancri F
Faux art-deco-style travel poster for extrasolar planet 55 Cancri F
Space Travel Poster - 55 Cancri F
This illustration is one of a series that I have been working on, borrowing heavily from the art-deco-style travel posters from the middle of the twentieth century.
      This one regards the star 55 Cancri, which is orbited by several planets, one of them called 55 Cancri F. In a commission for Sky at Night magazine, I was asked to picture the planet seen from the surface of an imaginary satellite whose landscape was lush with vegetation. One of the specifics was that the vegetation needed to resemble 'giant purple broccoli'! The article in question that this illustration accompanied was one of a series written by comedian, impersonator and astronomy buff, Jon Culshaw.

Title: Space Travel Poster - 55 Cancri F

Category: Exoplanets

Medium: Photoshop, Vue

Date: 2015

Client: Sky at Night Magazine


55 Cancri exoplanet landscape planet plants ring satellite space travel poster surface
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