Space Travel Poster – J1407B
Faux art-deco-style travel poster for the exoring J1407b
Space Travel Poster – J1407B
This illustration is one of a series that I have been working on, borrowing heavily from the art-deco-style travel posters from the middle of the twentieth century.
      This one regards the Sun-like star J1407, around which astronomers have found a curious thing – a planet or brown dwarf encircled by a series of concentric rings. The rings are probably a primitive moon system in the process of formation. The largest (Galilean) satellites of Jupiter are thought to have formed around that planet in a similar fashion.

Title: Space Travel Poster – J1407B

Category: Exoplanets

Medium: 3DS Max, Photoshop

Date: 2015

Client: Matt Kenworthy / Leiden Observatory


J1407 exoplanet exoring landscape planet ring satellite space travel poster surface
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