M87 Black Hole
Artwork of black hole in M87
M87 Black Hole
Artwork of the M87 black hole seen from a nearby planet. M87's central black hole was famously imaged in 2019 by a team of astronomers using the Event Horizon Telescope. It is the first ever image of a black hole's accretion disc that has been directly captured. This image shows the accretion engine seen from a nearby planet. Although the accretion disc is exceedingly hot, it is nearly invisible in the optical part of the spectrum because most of its luminosity is in the X-ray region of the spectrum. The jets of charged particles, however, moving at a sizeable fraction of the speed of light, are clearly visible. Also visible is the ring of stars around the edges of the accretion disc (red), which have been gravitationally lensed.

Title: M87 Black Hole

Category: Galaxies, Latest

Medium: 3DS Max, Photoshop

Date: 2019

Client: Science


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