Flight of the Eagle
The Apollo Lunar Excursion Module descends towards the Moon
Flight of the Eagle
This is my first go at soft pastels (not oil pastels) in about 18 years. The background crater field is almost entirely black and white pastel on grey card, but I added some highlights with a white coloured pencil. The ship, meanwhile, was painted in acrylic, copied from a model I made. The image shows the lunar excursion module coming down to land on the Moon. The crater field is actually based on an Apollo 16 photo of the lunar far side, whereas the Eagle of course landed on the near side in Mare Tranquillitatis, the 'Sea of Tranquillity'. At which point I will don my 'artistic license' trump card

Title: Flight of the Eagle

Category: Hardware, Solar System

Medium: Acrylic and Pastel

Date: 2002

Client: Personal


Eagle Moon crater spacecraft traditional art