Space Travel Poster – Titan
Faux art-deco-style travel poster for a trip to Saturn's moon Titan
Space Travel Poster – Titan
This illustration is one of a series that I have been working on, borrowing heavily from the art-deco-style travel posters from the middle of the twentieth century.
     Titan is the largest moon of Saturn, and the only known natural satellite with a substantial atmosphere. Lakes of hydrocarbons have been detected on the surface. Their principle component (75%) is ethane, but methane (10%), propane, hydrogen cyanide and butane are also present. It is estimated that the lakes of Titan that we know of contain more than 300 times the volume of Earth's oil reserves. The scene is presented as a space travel poster in faux art deco style, advertising a romantic visit to the moon to visit the famous lakes.

Title: Space Travel Poster – Titan

Category: Solar System

Medium: Photoshop

Date: 2015

Client: Personal


Saturn Titan landscape planet ring satellite space travel poster surface
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