Accreting White Dwarf
Image may be cropped. Click to view. Accreting White Dwarf
Artwork of a white dwarf accreting material from the crust of a pulverised rocky world. Astronomers from Warwick University in the UK have discovered a cool white dwarf surrounding by a disc of gas. This is not new, but what is different is that the white dwarf's atmosphere is 'polluted' by products that can only come from the crust of a rocky body. The researchers propose that this is evidence that the white dwarf has destroyed and subsequently consumed some of its initial cargo of planets. The image shows a portion of a planet's crust heading towards the white dwarf where it will be absorbed.

Title: Accreting White Dwarf

Category: Stars & Nebulae

Date: Jan 2021

Client: University of Warwick

Medium: Photoshop, 3DS Max

Keywords: 3DS_Max accretion Adobe Photoshop astrophysics disc planetary crust press release University of Warwick white dwarf

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