Fast Radio Burst
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Artwork illustrating a highly magnetised neutron star (a magnetar) orbited by asteroids. Magnetars have exceedingly powerful magnetic fields, trillions of times stronger than Earth's own field and even more powerful than regular neutron stars or pulsars. Recently, astronomers have suggested that asteroids might be orbiting some of these stellar corpses, leading to the emission of so-called fast-radio bursts (FRBs). The idea is that asteroids orbiting within the magnetar's wind - a stream of fast particles emitted from its surface - carve a wake in the wind, leading to the generation of an electric current around the wake. When the magnetar's wind crosses the wake, a magnetic disturbance is created which generates an extremely intense and narrow beam of radio energy. In 2020, astronomers detected the first FRB from a magnetar - called SGR 1935+2154 - located within our own galaxy. The entire event was over in a fraction of a second.

Title: Fast Radio Burst

Category: Stars & Nebulae

Date: Nov 2020

Medium: Photoshop, 3DS Max

Keywords: 3DS_Max Adobe Photoshop asteroid explosion fast radio burst jet magnetar magnetic disturbance merge nebula neutron star pulsar star wake wind

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