SDSS 1212
A polar cataclysmic binary / variable with a brown dwarf orbiting a white dwarf
SDSS 1212
Like Magnetic Accretion, this is an illustration of a type of cataclysmic binary called a polar. However, this is a polar with a difference, for there is a sub-stellar object called a brown dwarf (left) in orbit around the magnetic white dwarf (right). In all other known polars, it is a red dwarf rather than a brown dwarf which is donating material to the white dwarf. This image was commissioned by astronomers at the University of Leicester, UK.

Title: SDSS 1212

Category: Stars & Nebulae

Medium: Photoshop

Date: 2008

Client: Leicester University


accretion brown dwarf cataclysmic magnetic polar star white dwarf
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