Blues for a Dead World
A high-mass x-ray binary (HMXB) star seen from the surface of a dead, rocky planet or asteroid
Blues for a Dead World
Here you have an impression of a high-mass x-ray binary (HMXB), in which a blue giant (right) orbits a compact object such as a neutron star or black hole. The blue giant has a powerful stellar wind, shown radiating outwards here. Some of this material wraps around the compact object in a shock wave, producing x-rays via accretion.

Title: Blues for a Dead World

Category: Exoplanets, Stars & Nebulae

Medium: Vue, Photoshop

Date: 2004

Client: Red Lemon Press


HMXB accretion binary star black hole blue giant exoplanet landscape neutron star star stellar wind x-ray binary
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