Freelance illustrator, computer animator and author with a strong scientific background. For scientifically accurate space art, or images of Earth sciences and prehistory, look no further!

Mark Garlick Portrait My name is Mark A. Garlick, and I am a freelance illustrator, author and computer animator based in Hove, GB. I have a Bachelor’s degree in astronomy from University College London (UCL), and a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL), which is a department of UCL. In 1993, having successfully completed my doctorate, I secured a research post in theoretical astronomy at the University of Sussex, in Brighton (UK). But I've moved on since then. And never looked back.
      While working in academia, I had done a few astronomical paintings in my spare time for fun. Around 1995, I began to write popular science articles for magazines such as Astronomy Now and Modern Astronomer. Having amassed by now a fair number of acrylic paintings, I was often able to back up my articles with space paintings I had already done. Gradually the number of my paintings grew, as did the frequency of my articles. Then, in 1996, my contract at Sussex University at an end, I finally realised that a scientific career was not my cup of tea. So I concentrated full time on a new career as a writer, illustrator and fine artist, specialising in the accurate depiction of astronomical phenomena, and balancing my scientific knowledge with an artistic sense.
Writer / Illustrator
Mark Garlick Portrait Since starting my freelance career, my space illustrations have appeared in their hundreds in magazines and books, often on the covers, in other publications and on television. And I have expanded my repertoire somewhat also — I now produce illustrations of science fiction, dinosaurs and earth sciences, among others (see These days I work mainly digitally, often producing my illustrations entirely from scratch in Photoshop and GIMP. I occasionally exhibit my art at small galleries, and I am currently participating in an international travelling art show, featuring the space art of several of my fellow members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA).
      As far as my writing goes, I have used several outlets, which have included The Guardian, New Scientist, Scientific Computing World, Astronomy Now, Scientific American, Astronomy and Sky & Telescope — the latter three being US publications. However, these days my writing is mostly restricted to books.
And Computer Animator
A more recent development is my interest in computer animations, for which I use Blender and DaVinci Resolve. I have used 3DS Max and Adobe After Effects extensively, but not since I switched from Windows to Linux. Clients for this work include Scientific American, Popular Science, Magellan TV and National Geographic. You can see some examples on this site in the gallery. But if you want to see more just visit my YouTube channel.
Don't Be A Stranger!
I am happy to receive requests for newly commissioned art. Please feel free to drop me a line me with your requirements. Meanwhile, to learn more about me and my techniques, see my FAQs.