My Clients
W orking primarily in the publishing industry, my main clients tend to be publishers of books and magazines, editors and news agencies. I also work with several universites, either with scientists or the university press offices. You can see a list of some of my clients below.

Shanghai Planetarium (China)
National Geographic Society (US)
American Museum of Natural History (US)
Asimov's Science Fiction (US)
Astronomy Now Magazine (UK)
BBC On-line (UK)
Cambridge University Press (UK)
Dorling Kindersley (UK)
Guardian Newspaper (UK)
Science et Vie (France)
Headline Publishing (UK)
Interzone Magazine (UK)
Kingfisher (UK)
Science et Vie Junior (France)
M-Press Publishing Ltd (UK)
Nature (UK)
Science (US)
The Economist (UK)
New Scientist Magazine (UK)
Popular Science Magazine (US)
Science Illustrated (Denmark)
Scientific American Magazine (US)
Simon and Schuster (US)
Sky & Telescope Magazine (US)
Springer (US & UK)
Time Magazine (US)
Weldon Owen PTY Ltd (Australia)