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Sun analemma. Artwork of the analemma, the figure of eight shape made by plotting the position of the Sun at the same time of day during the year. The analemma is caused because the axis of the Earth's rotation is not perfectly perpendicular to the plane of its orbit around the Sun. This means that for six months one hemisphere of the Earth will be inclined towards the Sun but be inclined away during the rest of the year. When the hemisphere is inclined towards the Sun, the Sun rises higher in the sky than when it is inclined away. The Sun rises highest during summer and lowest during the winter.

Title: Analemma

Category: Miscellaneous

Date: Oct 2021

Medium: Photoshop, Eon Vue

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop analemma astronomy eight Eon_Vue figure of eight horizon landscape seasons Sun analemma Sun position the Sun

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