Image may be cropped. Click to view. WD1054-226
The white dwarf WD1054-226 exhibits a constant stream of transits by debris and or dust in orbit about it, with an underlying period of 25.02 hours. Astronomers believe that the material orbits within the star's habitable zone, where the temperature 323K. There is a transit roughly every 23.1 min, each of which repeats nearly exactly 25.02 hours later, implying there are 65 evenly-space segments. This cannot happen without external influence, and one idea is a nearby, planet within the habitable zone causing 'resonant trapping' of these transiting structures.

Title: WD1054-226

Category: Exoplanets

Date: Jan 2022

Client: University College London

Medium: Photoshop, Blender

Keywords: accretion Adobe Photoshop astrophysics Blender 3D debris dust exoplanet habitable zone orbit planet press release ring ring arcs rocky star terrestrial transit University College London white dwarf

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