Scale of the Universe - V2
Image may be cropped. Click to view. Scale of the Universe - V2
Scale of the Universe. Illustration depicting the scale of the Universe. From upper left are the smallest objects: the fundamental particles, atoms, molecules such as DNA, and bacteria. The scale expands further: from a human to the Earth itself to the Sun, a nebula, some galaxies and on to the whole Universe. In the middle is our familiar human scale (silhouetted human figure). The range of scale from the smallest distance (Planck length) to the largest (diameter of the Universe), is about 61 orders of magnitude, written as a ten followed by 60 noughts.

Title: Scale of the Universe - V2

Category: Infographics

Date: Oct 2021

Medium: Photoshop, 3DS Max

Keywords: 3DS_Max Adobe Photoshop atoms bacteria concept dimension DNA galaxy homo limb man nebula particle physics planet Earth scale size spiral star the Earth universe

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