Astronaut on High-Altitude Station
Artwork of astronauts high above the Earth on a structure attached to an orbital ring. An orbital ring is a magnetised construct that encircles the Earth and moves around it with orbital velocity. Structures can be magnetically levitated above the ring or suspended from it, so that they remain stationary relative to the Earth. This could be used to support, for example, space hotels, manufacturing plants or even habitats. As these objects do not move relative the Earth (i.e. they are not in orbit or freefall), a person standing on one would weigh only slightly less than at sea level, the diminished gravity being due to the increased distance from the centre of the planet.

Title: Astronaut on High-Altitude Station

Category: Solar System, Hardware, Animations

Date: Feb 2024

Medium: Blender, Photoshop

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop animation astronaut Blender 3D corridor Earth future hardware orbital ring science fiction spaceflight technology

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